Stay on this green hill for a pleasant holiday in complete tranquillity.

Hegemon, the Greek goddess of the plants, who was known for the ability to make flowers and plants bloom and flourish, was a source of inspiration for our hospitality project.
The greenery, plants and flowers are characteristic elements of Agriturismo Hegemone.
Our concept of hospitality passes through the idea of feeling and being part of the nature that surrounds us.
Staying at Agriturismo Hegemone on Lake Garda is an experience that connects you to nature and makes you appreciate every single nuance.
The blooming flowers, the scent of freshly cut grass, the colour of the leaves at sunset, romantic sunsets...these are some of the suggestions that a holiday at Agriturismo Hegemone gives to our guests.

Agriturismo Hegemone –Feel the nature-
Maurizio, Rosa, Elisa e Sabrina

The idea

The desire to share with others the pleasure of living and being part of the nature that surrounds us, even if only for the period of a holiday. This is what drove Maurizio to dedicate himself with passion to the construction of Agriturismo Hegemone. "A life spent outdoors in close contact with nature following my father's precious teachings. The earth, the wood, the stone, they have become part of me. Playmates when I was little, and now, that I have grown up, precious elements, with which, after 10 long years of work, I made the dream of a lifetime become true: to build Agriturismo Hegemone with my own hands"

El dos

Agriturismo Hegemone is situated on the top of a small hill called "elDosdeVoiades". A privileged location from which you can observe the magnificent landscape of the plateau of Tremosine that thins out until it touches the waters of Lake Garda. Behind it, the dense forest accompanies you along the steep slopes of the mountain. "elDos de Voiades" is a historical site that has always distinguished this corner of the territory and that makes it unique.

Our garden

Agriturismo Hegemone is a flower that blooms and offers itself in all its beauty to its guests.
The over 7000 square meters of greenery surrounding the farmhouse is characterised by particular and carefully selected tree species. Each one of them has its own story and special meaning, which Rosa and her daughters Elisa and Sabrina will tell you.